The UNWG-Geneva’s main purpose is to finance micro projects for the benefit of vulnerable children and women and offer scholarships for secondary education for children in need around the world. Such fundings are possible thanks to various fundraising events hosted throughout the year among which are the UNWG International Bazaar and the Children’s Walk.


In keeping with its goal of empowering women and extending a hand to disadvantaged children, every year the UNWG-Geneva, in collaboration with the Permanent Missions accredited to the United Nations, the city of Geneva and Cantonal Authorities as well as the business community, organises the UNWG International Bazaar (Bazaar) to raise funds for women and children in need around the world. Over the years, the Bazaar has become an important event for the local and international community. It attracts a huge numbers of visitors, raising an impressive amount of funds, ultimately distributed for disadvantaged women and children.

For one day, participating countries gather in the historic Palais des Nations to raise funds which they in turn donate to the UNWG-Geneva. During the day the Missions sell souvenirs and traditional food; visitors are taken on a voyage through continents on which they discover faraway lands, the ancient cultures of Asia and South America, the bazaars of Middle East, the souks of Africa, the markets of Europe and the diversity of America. In addition to national stands, a lottery is organised with over 100 fabulous prizes. Various Permanent Missions organise side events where the countries showcase their musical traditions, culture and arts. The Bazaar is also an opportunity to display UNWG-Geneva’s own productions. Moreover, the UNWG stands are meeting points for all members and offer a good opportunity to learn more about the UNWG and the wonderful work it does, with the help and support of its amazing volunteers.






UNWG’s primary mission is to raise funds to improve the lives of children and women worldwide. International partnerships play a vital role in supporting this mission, as they share the common objective of enhancing the well-being of these vulnerable groups through financial assistance.


As we prepare for our major annual event, the 2023 International Bazaar, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to our esteemed partners who have played pivotal roles in its preparation. The Permanent Missions, UNOG administration as well as UNWG members themselves have contributed their resources and expertise to ensure the success of this event. Special thanks go to WIPO for their generous support in providing complimentary printing services, greatly enhancing our materials and visibility.


Special acknowledgment is reserved for our Bazaar Chairperson, Ambassador Paul Bekkers, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations in Geneva. His tireless efforts in preparing this event, along with his unwavering energy and support, deserve our utmost gratitude.


Moreover, special appreciation goes to the Canton and City of Geneva for its generous help and support, especially for providing the necessary equipment for the event.


Your collective dedication, in various capacities, strengthens our collaborative efforts, and we are grateful for your unwavering commitment. We eagerly anticipate the event, knowing that it is made possible through the dedicated assistance of our valued partners.


Finally, the UNWG expresses gratitude to all the donors and sponsors of the 2023 Lottery for the many and varied prizes that have been contributed. Special thanks are extended notably to the Permanent Missions, national airline companies (Royal Air Maroc, Egypt Air, Oman Air), UNFCU, UBS, exclusive hotels, as well as all the companies that have generously provided us with such fabulous prizes.


We thank you all for your precious and invaluable support.


The UNWG-Geneva started the Children’s Walk initiative in 2002 and through the years it has proven to be a popular and successful event. With the support of the dedicated staff from various international schools in Geneva and members of the UNWG-Geneva, children have participated in this fun event, which traditionally has been held in autumn on the grounds of the Palais des Nations. The children fundraise by walking in circles outside the Palais des Nations and collect stamps for all the circles they made and in return parents donate money to children for their extra efforts. Funds raised from the Children’s Walk are used to finance UNWG scholarship programme. Through this programme the UNWG-Geneva finances secondary education for selected number of students, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the school.

In addition to fundraising, the Children’s Walk also helps to instill in the children of Geneva a sense of understanding that there are children like them who do not have the same advantages that they have, to instill a sense of sharing and a sense of giving. Most of all the event is a lesson in humanity and social justice. In addition, the children learn more about the UNOG and what it does.

The UNWG-Geneva wishes to thank all the schools, the children, the teachers and the parents of the children in participating in this event every year. The UNWG-Geneva would also like to thank the UNOG, particularly the Security, the Technical Services and other administrative services for their extraordinary help they showed us through the years.  The event each year would also not be possible without the continuous support of UNWG members, who continue to give their time freely and happily to this worthy cause.




The Kiosk of the UNWG-Geneva operates throughout the year. It is located on the grounds of the UNOG and accessible to visitors. Operated by members of the Guild, the Kiosk sells crafts and gifts from around the world, donated by members. It also offers various UNWG promotional materials (greeting cards, pens, pins, etc.). All the proceeds from Kiosk sales go towards the UNWG-Geneva scholarships program.


The UNWG-Geneva organises different donation drive initiatives throughout the year to help children and women in need but also to promote the culture of giving among our members to those less fortunate ones. The activities vary from organising art expositions, funds collection through donation drive,  to sales of  greeting cards, cookbooks, etc. All the proceeds from different fundraising activities of the UNWG-Geneva go towards projects and/or scholarships.