In addition to all activities aimed at raising funds for projects and scholarships, the UNWG-Geneva organizes events in partnership with Permanent  Missions and International Organizations such as Coffee mornings and Special events, as well as numerous activities for the benefit of its members.


The UNWG-Geneva organises, in collaboration with Permanent Missions and the Spouses of Ambassadors, monthly Coffee Mornings. The event which brings together members of the UNWG-Geneva offers member states the opportunity to showcase their rich cultures, traditions and habits.


In our efforts to innovate our activities, we have added Special Events series in 2021, which are presented by a prominent speaker introducing a very interesting topic followed by an interactive debate.


The UNWG-Geneva regularly participates in numerous activities organised by different International Organisations, Cantonal authorities and the City of Geneva.

Throughout the years the UNWG has participated in Fetes de Vignerons, Bicentenary celebrations of the Canton of Geneva and many others. In addition, the UNWG-Geneva regularly participates in various events organised at different International Organisations, such as WIPO, WTO and others, based in Geneva.


The UNWG-Geneva offers a variety of monthly and weekly activities led by our members on a voluntary basis and covering different areas.

Several language courses are available such as French, English, German, Spanish and Japanese on demand. The UNWG-Geneva also offers fitness classes  such as pilates, yoga and hiking. Moreover, a range of artistic and creative clubs are available to our members such as art, reading, handicraft and cultural tours, as well as other social activities such as bridge and Mah-jong.

For more interactive participation the UNWG-Geneva organizes monthly meetings, led by members and professionals around a given theme and cooking classes which are an opportunity to discover culinary specialties from different countries.

We all have our potential: the UNWG-Geneva is a platform for all members to come together and to share their knowledge, talents and abilities with other members.

For any questions, suggestions or if you wish to host events or lead activities, thank you for contacting:


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