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Malegoda Junior School is a village school of the State Education System of Sri Lanka which serves a poor community. The State funds the teachers and the basics but parents are supposed to provide other resources (e.g. for English and computer classes). The aim of the project was to convert a classroom into a computer room and provide a computer unit.


Founded in 2013, the Crest Lanka Foundation provides primary and secondary education to children orphaned by war and professional training to women in poor communities. The Foundation is installing its definite headquarters in Colombo and needed the funds to renovate and adapt the building for its training, management and fund-raising activities.


Indigollewa Yakawewa Primary School supports grades 1-5, catering to students from low-income families, mainly farmers. Salaries and basics are provided, but for example all the chairs are for Grade 1 size  and none for the teachers or the older children. The project aims to re-furbish the school with basic necessities Рto provide children with an enabling environment, necessary equipment and to motivate teachers by providing tools and infrastructure. Tables and chairs for children and teachers, cupboards, water tanks, stationary sets, shoes and socks will be purchased.