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People Improvement Organization (PIO) is a local NGO created in 2002 to provide education to children working in Phnom Penh garbage dump. It has expanded to a school providing education to over 1500 children aged 3-22. The funds were used to expand the use of computers in education and bring the benefits of educational technology to all students on a regular basis.


Somnang Association vient en aide aux enfants vivant avec leurs familles dans une ancienne décharge de Phnom Penh. Le projet a pour but d’améliorer les conditions de vie des enfants du quartier de Stung Mean Chey en leur apportant des outils éducatifs et de divertissement dans le centre de jour du quartier. Les fonds sont utilisés pour l’achat d’ordinateurs, jeux éducatifs et voyage au bord de la mer.


IMPACT Cambodia (2nd year funding) is one of 14 IMPACT Organization and is affiliated to the International Federation of IMPACT Organizations (IFIO). The goal is to promote, support and engage in various actions to prevent, reduce or remedy the causes of disability which is an important cause of poverty and marginalization in poor countries. The aim of the project is to support the education of children at Srae Kach School, in Boribo District, Kampong Schnang Province, by providing them with facilities like water and electricity.


IMPACT Cambodia is part of IMPACT International that works to prevent and treat disability. The Srae Kach School is located in a very remote area of central Cambodia, where farmers work for a Chinese factory breaking rocks by hand. The school requires support so that the children of these farmers remain in school and do not quit their education. School uniforms, teaching materials, a computer and printer, books and repair of a teacher’s house will be funded.