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The State Educational Institution “Center for Correction and Development Education and Rehabilitation of Beshenkovichi” was created in 2002 to provide an integrated system of psychological and medical assistance to persons with special needs. The project is to develop the use of the sensory integration therapy which uses tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular senses to acquire and develop full sensory experiences and facilitate the development of personality as a whole.


The Social and Pedagogical Center of Lepel provides children in difficult or socially dangerous life situations with food, social rehabilitation and temporary shelter. Children remain in the center for up to six months before returning to their families or before the decision is taken to send them to an orphanage. The team strives to attain home-like living conditions. The project aims to provide sports activities for 20 children from age 3-18 for their mental and physical health. Funds will be provided to purchase a children’s climbing complex, basketball and volleyball equipment.