Autism National Foundation seeks to provide therapy, training and community for autistic children. Over the last 12 years it has grown from 6 to 160 children, from several therapists to a staff of 70. Over the years, services have evolved: free entry for every student, need to stretch activities and projects – as the children age – to age specific program and training. A second building has been acquired and is being renovated. Funds were used to renovate the heating system.


La Fondation Miassine helps support Syrian refugee children. The project is to offer, particularly during the winter months – for 50 children in mostly one parent families – a warm place to spend the day, receive a hot meal and some warm clothes and participate in activities such as art, singing, reading. The project is working with another organization that has offered a space that needs to be renovated. The funds will be used to add heating and double-glazed windows and supply warm clothes, games and art supplies.