The Independent Afghan Women Association was created in 2002 to help rebuild the country. It
focuses on advancing the education of Afghan girls and women, increasing information, building
and developing schools with unlimited access for girls, and promoting education and training for
widows and handicapped girls and women. Funds were used to improve four schools in Kama,


Mina Foundation seeks to empower young Afghan women and girls by offering them training in tailoring, literacy, English and computer skills. The funds will be used to upgrade the equipment used in this training and include the purchase of computers, sewing machines, a projector and learning materials.


The Ayenda Foundation supports Afghan children by enhancing their welfare, education, shelter, safety, and artistic and athletic abilities. The Ayenda Learning Centre is a safe and nurturing home for Bamiyan’s orphans, providing them with a modern learning facility. Students’ desks and chairs, winter coats and winter boots will be purchased.