Message from the President of the UNWG

Dear Members,

It all started with the cutest high five jump coming from a very sweet kid running towards me followed by hundreds of them approaching from everywhere, thatís how our beautiful event of the annual Childrenís Walk began on the 29th of September 2017. As I was standing in front of all these kids who came to participate in the Walk I felt that our message has been delivered, they knew why they came to the UN, they knew that with this simple act a huge goal is being achieved, they knew that someoneís life would be changed to the better. Mr. Michael Moller the Director-General of UNOG has graciously continued to provide support to our beloved Guild by inaugurating our event. All efforts exerted towards the success of the Childrenís Walk event have inspired us to mobilize all our abilities in order to ensure a more remarkable success of our greatest annual event, the International Bazaar. Ladies, we need your help, every little thing counts. Please contact me to register your names to join any of our teams. Also donít forget if you have any items to be donated, that would be highly appreciated.
To celebrate the success of these important events, our Annual Lunch will be held on the 28th of November in the UN Delegates Restaurant at 12:30. We have been privileged this year that Mme Ruth Dreifuss has accepted to be our guest of honour. Mme Ruth Dreifuss is a member of the Council of Women World Leaders, and formerly she was the President of the Swiss Confederation in 1999, the first woman to hold this position.Tickets for this event will be available on November Coffee Morning, Tuesday the 7th.
Looking forward to seeing you all

Nehad Sukayri


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