Message from the President of the UNWG


Dear Members,

The March Coffee Morning was an amazing one where we had the chance to explore the beautiful culture and the rich culinary of Iran and for that, a big thank you goes to the spouse of the Permanent Representative of Iran and her amazing team.

The April Coffee Morning hosted by the Arab Ambassadorsí Spousesí Group gave us the opportunity to hop on their magic carpet to get the chance to navigate through their colorful culture. The delicious snacks gave the morning a special taste. Let me take this opportunity to thank them for the beautiful morning.

The 2019 AGA was held on April 29 in the UN and 11 members of the executive committee were elected. Congratulations to Senait Gebreselassie for being elected President of Guild for 2019-2020, I also would like to congratulate Niloufar Bouabid Rafi-Kian for being elected Vice President Activities and Raji Sundaram for being elected Vice President Projects. I congratulate as well Mala Prasad, Radhia Ben Helal, Heba Elgendy, Caroline Scudamore, Anyke Aude Buisson, Imane ElHachimi, Bilqueece Alimohamed and Josefina Tormena. I wish you all the best ladies.

The UNWG Art and Crafts Exhibition will take place from the 7th to the 17th of May at the Palais des Nations (Mezzanine). Please do join us for the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday the 7th, which will be held after the May Coffee Morning hosted by Albania.

Dear friends,

Saying goodbye to dear friends is one of the most difficult things I have to do every time I leave one of our posts, but this one is the most difficult as I have lots of friends and sisters here in Geneva who hold a special place in my heart. I have served as the President of Guild for three years, during which, I received your kind and continued support without which my presidency would not have achieved its goals. I cordially extend my sincere thanks and high appreciation to all of you. After almost eight years of living in Geneva, as part of both the diplomatic and the UN communities, my family and I have had the opportunity to meet many friends and collect most friendly memories that we will cherish for life. Thank you again with my sincere wishes to all of you for a happy, prosperous and meaningful life in Geneva.

Nehad Sukayri

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