Message from the President of the UNWG

Dear Members,

I would like to welcome you back and I hope you have had a wonderful Summer.
We have our Children's Walk coming up on the 29th of September, and the Bazaar on the 21st of November, I encourage you to take part in these very important events and help us in order to ensure the success of these major Guild activities.
Over the past year we have been confronted with a few challenges, the most difficult of which was holding the Bazaar on time due to the ongoing renovations which will continue through out the year, the Executive Committee and myself exerted much effort in order to be able to hold it on time, many meetings with high level UN officials were held which resulted in confirming the 21st of November as this year's Bazaar day. Nevertheless, we will still be facing Bazaar related technical and logistical problems, I count on your help and support in order to overcome these difficulties.
Another challenge was the shrinking number of vehicle access badges to the UN, which had come as a repercussion of the renovations , Guild was only permitted to have 5 UN vehicle access badges, we were not the only entity affected by the new arrangements.
Finally, the most pressing challenge is the intention of the UN administration to move us from our current premises (the Villa), we are now working jointly with the UN administration in order to find a suitable alternative premises for Guild.
Your support, dedication and perseverance will certainly pay off and get things straightened out for Guild's progress.

Nehad Sukayri


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