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Contact: Karen Ransome, Farida Serir

The Annual Bazaar of the UNWG 2017

The Annual Bazaar of the UN Women's Guild will be held on Tuesday 21 November 2017.

Dear members of the UNWG,

as usual, you - as member of the UNWG- your family and your friends are cordially invited to attend this truly international event with restaurant and craft stalls from more than 60 countries. Your presence will contribute to the success to this activity organized by your Guild.

For security reasons, some invitees need an invitation card to enter the premises on the day of the Bazaar. The UNWG will provide these invitation cards.

Information about Invitation Cards


10 November 2017 - Deadline for all requests to be sent  in Excel format (UNWG UNOG 2017) to invitation.protocol@unwg.ch

17 November 2017 - Deadline for picking up your cards at the Villa les Feuillantines


Contact: Maysa Gayyusi, Nora Magistris -  invitation.protocol@unwg.ch


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