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Contact: Karen Ransome, Farida Serir

The AGA will be on Tuesday 11th May at 14:00 17:00, Hall X11.

Dear Members,
Listed below are vacancies for positions on the UNWG Executive Committee. If you are interested in a post please send us your Curriculum Vitae along with a Letter of Motivation. All members elected must participate in the monthly meetings of the Executive Committee and submit a report at the request of the President and for the following AGA.
President/ Vice President-Activities/ Co-Treasurer/ Membership Secretary/ Recording Secretary-French/ Newsletter Editor-English/ Education/ Visits and Culture/ Welcoming/ Public Relations
Kajori Massé Basu (Chairwoman), Zeinab Farag zeinabfarag, Rosaleen Nassif  -  Nominating Committee 2018

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