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Contact: Karen Ransome, Farida Serir

UNWG Garden Party on Wednesday 2nd May on the grounds of Villa les Feuillantines

The UNWG is organising a Garden Party which will take place on Wednesday 2nd May on the grounds of Villa les Feuillantines
All UNWG members, their family and friends are invited.


Program: exquisite sandwiches, drinks, music, speeches & good mood.
Registration at the Villa on Monday mornings and Tuesday mornings.
Cost: 10 CHF per adult children are welcome.
Contribution of biscuits or cakes will be appreciated.

We are looking forward to seeing you for this Garden Party with your best garden hat!


Contact: Peta Girod - peta@dorig.net

The AGA will be on Tuesday 11th May at 14:00 17:00, Hall X11.

Dear Members,
Listed below are vacancies for positions on the UNWG Executive Committee. If you are interested in a post please send us your Curriculum Vitae along with a Letter of Motivation. All members elected must participate in the monthly meetings of the Executive Committee and submit a report at the request of the President and for the following AGA.
President/ Vice President-Activities/ Co-Treasurer/ Membership Secretary/ Recording Secretary-French/ Newsletter Editor-English/ Education/ Visits and Culture/ Welcoming/ Public Relations
Kajori Massé Basu (Chairwoman), Zeinab Farag zeinabfarag, Rosaleen Nassif  -  Nominating Committee 2018

The UNWG Art Exhibition

The UNWG Art Exhibition will take place from Monday 30th April to Friday 18th May 2018 at the Palais des Nations, door 40.

All our members who are interested to participate are invited to register at the Villa les Feuillantines till 29th March at the latest.

Inscriptions forms are available at the Villa.

Subscription fee: 30 CHF

Open only to members who have paid the annual membership fee.


Contact: Hema Servansin, Anny Tarnay

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Facebook- Unwg Guild.
It would be really helpful if you send pictures of the Guild activities to our new social media email: unwgsocialmedia@gmail.com.


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