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Contact: SCUDAMORE Caroline

Dear Members,

Given the development of the situation regarding the Coronavirus and our desire to insure, as much as possible, the good health and well-being of our membres, we are cancelling all UNWG activities, inside the Villa, UN etc., until further notice.


AGA, which will be held on 8 May 2020

The UNWG Nominating Committee, are making a special appeal to ALL of our members in our search for candidates to fill the vacant positions on the Executive Committee:

President/ Vice President-Projects/ Vice President-Activities/ Co-Treasurer/ Membership Secretary/ Recording Secretary-English/ Recording Secretary-French/ Newsletter Editor-English/ Newsletter Editor-French/ Education/ Public Relations/ Welcoming/ Visits and Culture

Whilst a few members have expressed interest in some of the vacant posts, we would request that they make application in writing to the Nominating Committee, together with a C.V and a letter of motivation. Only then can their candidacy be accepted.

The Executive Committee is the mechanism which runs the Guild and its many and varied functions. Participating in the EC work ensures that the UNWG evolves with the times, meets the needs of its members and continues to be a success. It is also a unique opportunity to strengthen friendships by working for a common goal.


Contact: D'ARCANGUES Catherine ,DOYEN Nourane, FARAG Zeinab, NASSIF Rosaleen, TAYLOR Jeannie - the Nominating Committee 2020, nc.unwg@gmail.com

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