UNWG Children’s Walk 12/10/2018

The Children’s Walk has evolved into one of the highlights of the UNWG activities.

The Children’s Walk was started in 2002 by Mrs Gita Sundararaman. The Walk helps achieve one of the key goals of the UNWG, that of helping children in need around the world through a scholarship scheme.

The aim is to:

-bring awareness to the school children in and around Geneva participating in the Walk, that there are children not as fortunate as them in receiving education;

-instill in children who have everything they want, the value of sharing with others and giving to those who are not so fortunate;

-finance scholarships for groups of disadvantaged children entering secondary school.

The Children’s Walk is also an educational opportunity for the children and the accompanying adults to get to know the United Nations, its aims and programs, since the Walk takes place within the Palais grounds.

From 2002 till date, there have been 17 editions of the children’s walk.

On Friday 12 October 2018 approximately 820 children from different schools in and around Geneva participated in this edition of the Children’s Walk. The children made it a joyful event with their enthusiasm.

A PowerPoint presentation prepared by our team members was shown and commented by Catherine d’Arcangues, Vice- President/Projects, who deals with all matters relating to these scholarships. She explained the role of the Guild in processing and distributing the Children’s Walk funds.

467 children in 21 countries have so far received scholarships enabling them to complete their secondary education.

The Guild wishes to thank the following schools, their children and staff, for their participation:

British School of Geneva, Collège du Léman, Geneva English School, Institut de Lancy, ISG Pregny, ISG La Châtaigneraie, ISG Nations, Deux Mille Feuilles, German School, the Swedish School.

Our very special thanks go to the Director-General for inaugurating the Walk and we thank other UN staff for their wholehearted and timely support extended to the UNWG year after year.

Thanks to all the donors.

The Guild also wishes to thank the organizing team headed by Diane Boustany and all the Guild members who volunteered for different tasks.



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