The UNWG Kiosk at the Palais des Nations in Geneva

The UNWG Kiosk offers visitors the opportunity to purchase very special gifts. They are special because they were made for the UNWG to raise funds for various projects particularly, to improve the education of disavantaged children around the world. Visitors will find a variety of items from T-shirts to jewellery. Each item being part of a common contribution to a better and more united world.

The kiosk is manned by members of UNWG though we continue to ask for Guild volunteers to help in sales. No previous sales experience necessary, just a welcome smile and a positive attitude!

The proceedings fund children's projects worldwide.

The Kiosk is open:

Monday 11am-2pm

Tuesday and Thursday 2pm-4.30 pm

Place: Palais des Nations, door 39.


Contact: Solange Alonso

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